URBY Passport Holder | Product Review

URBY Passport Holder | Product Review

I was applying for a Schengen Visa when an officer warned me about having less chances of my visa being stamped. My passport had stained pages. In my defense I murmured ‘But the pages are only ‘slightly’ damaged’.

Turns out the word ‘slightly’ may not always work at the visa office.

So when URBY sent me their passport holder I was exhilarated. I always love the feeling of being organized when I travel. And when we speak of being more organized, we tend to think more of packaging cubes, roller suitcase and travel pouches.

We ignore the most essential travel document – the passport. And the need to keep your passport looking nice and neat.

In a family, usually the duty of safeguarding all the passports goes to the woman-of-the-house. And when the airport guard at the entrance requests for the passport, the hunt in her purse begins. That purse which has millions of other things. Very familiar scene isn’t it?

URBY passport holder is the one stop solution to store your forex cards, credit cards, boarding pass and your precious little passport.

URBY Passport Holder


URBY is a premium lifestyle and travel accessory brand. They design and manufacture essentials for an urban lifestyle using the most premium materials and finest craftsmanship. They offer premium quality products at affordable prices. Here’s how they manage to do this – they sell their products directly to their customers, eliminating the middlemen.

I received their ‘Wanderlust Passport Holder’ in Daisy Brown.

URBY Passport Holder

The packaging was absolutely fine-looking. The passport holder was tucked in a duster bag contained in a sturdy black box.  For once, my online order came without plastic!! For this packaging, URBY certainly earned a few brownie points from me.URBY Passport Holder


When I opened the drawstring pouch, the chic looking leather passport holder unfolded. It is slim and compact. And yet it can store multiple credit cards, forex cards, boarding pass and your precious passport in the most efficient way. You don’t have to dig in a bulky pouch, which is a quality I liked. And the passport can be pulled out effortlessly at the immigration office or during hotel check-in.

URBY Passport Holder

Premium leather never fails to impress. They are much more durable and timeless. That being said, URBY does promise cruelty free and genuine leather. They give utmost attention for the source of leather by working with tanneries where leather is a by-product of their industry.

You can also personalize the passport holder to engrave your initials in gold or silver.

URBY Passport Holder

To choose a design that reflects your personality,  checkout Urby’s Passport Holder here.

They have a great collection of men’s wallet and women’s wallets as well.  



Disclaimer: This post is written in collaboration with URBY, however, opinion is our own.


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