Maldives – Itinerary and Travel Guide

Maldives – Itinerary and Travel Guide

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We present to you our itinerary to help you plan your trip to this romantic getaway destination. Obviously, you could spend a lot longer time relaxing or trying on different water sports. Whatever tickles your fancy and tailors an itinerary that suits your budget and time.

We had a 3 nights and 4 days trip to Maldives, spending all days in the same resort. These are the minimum days you can book a resort but highly recommended for 5 nights stay or more. Remember, every island has just one resort and hopping on different islands incurs heavy cost.

Our Itinerary

Day 1

Once we arrived and after completing the check-in formalities, we were taken on a tour of the resort in an electric car(eco-friendly). We took some rest due to our odd flight timings. In the evening, we got snorkeling equipments and then hit the bar for a few mocktails. They had live music, the crowd was lovely and listening to the waves constantly hitting the bar area was so relaxing….

Bar area open in the centre


Day 2

First thing morning, we were into the sea from our room’s deck. It’s the best time to do snorkeling as during the day time, the sea can get rough for the not-so-good swimmers. The aquatic life in the Indian Ocean is in its purest form and magnificent. You can even enjoy sitting on the deck and watching different color fishes pass by as the water is so crystal clear. They are gorgeous and exhibit attractive colors. After breakfast, we went to the pool and then to the beach. In the evening, we tried some sports activities. By this time, we were 10 shades darker (lol) and no sunscreen could help. Oh and we had a fine dine at their Italian restaurant.

Day 3

This day we decided to take a bubble bath in the jacuzzi. The Jacuzzi had water temperature maintained up to 40 degrees and came with a sunset view. This day, we tried the Thai restaurant and explored all the areas on the island. There are a plethora of activities you can pick on the island, every little corner is decorated in its own special way.


Day 4

Our flight was late in the evening and we had to check out by 12. So our bags were kept in the lounge, while we could use all of the facilities – the pool, bar, library, spa. We decided to play a little badminton (there are provisions to take a shower even after check-out).

And with a heavy heart, we had to bid adieu…





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