Few years ago, I went on my second trip to Europe. Switzerland had made a big impression on me ever since my college days. It has been my parent’s favourite holiday destination and they always spoke about its fairytale like charm.


Things to do in Lucerne

I remember walking down a shimmering blue lake with swans gliding over the river. Lucerne is a magical city and sure to captivate you by its majestic postcard like backdrops. It is difficult to decide if a sunny morning, a warm sunset or a quite night is best time to visit this place. But whatever time or season you choose, you won’t certainly be disappointed.



Chapel Bridge

Lucerne has many bridges and the most prominent and romantic one is the wooden Chapel Bridge. The bridge was built in 1933 to connect the old town with new. The interiors of the bridge displayed several noteworthy paintings. However, the 1992 fire almost destroyed the bridge and many of its paintings. All of it was then immediately restored and attracting more and more tourists. The Water Tower at the end of the bridge which now houses souvenir shops used to be a prison.



The Lion Monument

I always wondered why this monument had been so popular amongst the tourists. When our tour guide explained the story behind the mourning lion, my heart wrenched. The expressions on the dying lion is an impressive piece of art and must not be missed. If you look closely, there are two animals carved. Do read its full story before visiting the place.


Lake Lucerne

Take a stroll alongside the Lake Lucerne or enjoy a scenic boat cruise ride. You will find lot of people having picnics and the site is worth experiencing. The alpine mountains will fill your memory cards and a site you will not forget for years to come.



More Things to do in Lucerne

o Take a cable car to the top of Mt Pilatus for stunning arial views.

o Wander around Aldstadt, old town where traditional Swiss buildings still stand on either sides of cobbled streets.

o Visit the Swiss Transport museum.

o Switzerland is also known for its wealth and watches – visit various stores to buy watches or souvenirs


My Best Buy 🙂


How to get to Lucerne

From Zurich airport, you can take a train to Lucerne which is about 50 minutes ride.


Where to Stay

Ibis hotel is affordable and at walking distance from Lake Lucerne. Book here



It goes without doubt, Lucerne is a gorgeous city and to be added in your bucket list if you are visiting Switzerland.

The city is like a beautiful scenery painting come to life!





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