Best Romantic Things to Do In Dubai for Couples

Best Romantic Things to Do In Dubai for Couples

Dubai is the ideal place for a couple to really enjoy themselves while getting to know each other better. Dubai is vibrant, filled with adventure and romance and never-ending activity. There’s not a dull moment in this city. So if you’re looking for that perfect place to take a vacation with your honey, don’t look further than Dubai. You and your partner will delight in the incredible Burj Khalifa, and the unbelievable opulence of the Burj Al Arab. The gold souqs will blind you with their glitter and the ancient culture of the city will intrigue you. Here are the 9 best romantic things you can do in Dubai as a couple. 

1.   Delight In The Burj Khalifa Experience

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Experience the most panoramic view of your lifetime from the Burj Khalifa’s 124th floor observatory deck. You’ll get a splendid view of the city, the desert and the sea beyond. There are several telescopes lined up at strategic corners so that you can focus on specific landmarks. Train your telescope on the beautifully-shaped Palm Islands and get a close up view of the Burj Al Arab and Atlantis The Palm, the Dubai Frame and other landmarks. The towering Burj Khalifa has over 160 floors; it took 6 years to construct this towering wonder which touches a height of 2716 ft. Click as many pictures as you want of the city wrapped in clouds at that height. 

2.    Become Desert Sheikhs For An Evening

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Want to experience the life of a rich desert Sheikh and Sheikha? Here’s your chance. Sign up for an overnight desert safari and you can dress up in the garb of Arab sheikhs and sit back and pull on a shisha pipe while lounging back on silk cushions. Your overnight desert safari includes several exciting sports that you can enjoy together. Go dune bashing, camel riding, sand boarding and quad biking together. Then, when you are ready to sit down, there’s an exciting belly dancing performance waiting for you, as well as a Tanura show. Hand over your feet to be tattooed by a henna artist, and savour a beautiful Emirati buffet meal before spending the night under the stars. The desert is utterly romantic at night and is one of the best places to visit in Dubai for couples.

3.   Enjoy Evening High Tea At The Burj Al Arab

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How about treating your honey to high tea at the Burj Al Arab, in the middle of the most lavish royal opulence you’ve ever seen? You’ll be surrounded by gold accents, an incredible aquarium in the lobby, and the kind of architecture that says bespoke custom only. You cannot otherwise enter the Burj Al Arab; you’ll have to sign up for high tea at one of its cafes or restaurants – we recommend the SkyView bar. Enjoy a decadent high tea containing exquisite pastries and savouries and the finest tea you’ve ever enjoyed while enjoying 360 degree panoramic views of the Palm Islands from the bar. 

4.   Sail In The Skies On A Hot Air Balloon

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A special couples’ hot air balloon ride over the exciting Dubai Desert is the most romantic adventure for a couple. You’ll be soaring at a height of thousands of feet, so high above the desert that everything below becomes miniscule. From that altitude, you can see the entire desert – the wadis, the cliffs, the rugged valleys, the peaks, the beautiful dunes and much more. The balloon ride will be early in the morning so you can experience the most scintillating sunrise of your life as well. Feast your eyes on the distant horizon and click as many pictures as you like; it’ll be the most romantic experience of your life. 

5.   Explore Old Dubai

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Old Dubai, or the Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood, is the place to head to when you want a bit of quiet and respite. Here you’ll find old houses made of sand and black coral. Using coral for construction is banned now, but you can check out the bare black coral walls that were built long ago. Visit the Al Fahidi Historical Museum to get a glimpse of what life was like in the UAE before oil was struck. Explore the spice souqs of Bur Dubai and then cross the Dubai Creek in an abra vessel to check out Deira’s markets, cafes and restaurants. Be sure to also walk along the Dubai Creek Park, one of the oldest parks in Dubai. This park offers a serene lush green setting. There’s a cable car you can ride, plus an amphitheatre with regular shows, restaurants and the Dubai Dolphinarium nearby. 

6.   Delight In Getting Up Close With Lovely Marine Creatures

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Get up close to the incredibly-colourful marine creatures in Dubai’s Underwater Zoo located in the Dubai Mall. You can even scuba dive in the underwater lagoon and swim with sharks if you like. The underwater zoo comprises of acrylic tunnels surrounded by sea water in which the marine creatures swim about freely. The Dubai Aquarium is one of the fantastic wonders of architecture in Dubai. 

7.   Enjoy A Dhow Dinner Cruise Along Dubai Marina

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The Dubai Marina comes alive at night, with fireworks and colourful LED lights lighting up the entire scene. The best way to enjoy the Dubai Marina is while cruising the marina on a beautifully designed, glass-surrounded dhow. Cruise along the marina and gaze in awe at the super yachts lined up there. Pass the Jumeirah Beach Residence walk where the best supercars in the world are parked. Enjoy watching the lovely architecture and beautifully-lit cafes, bars, shops, creeks, and speed boats as you delight in a wonderful Emirati dinner on board the dhow. Relish your dinner while watching a fabulous belly dance performance on board and getting your feet tattooed with henna. 

8.  Skydive Over The Palm Jumeirah Islands

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Dubai can dazzle you with its magnificent manmade islands. The most beautiful one is the Palm Jumeirah archipelago, a collection of three Islands that are spread out like a palm tree on the Arabian Gulf. Witness the Palm islands in full bloom as you skydive from a helicopter directly on top of the islands. At first, the great Palm islands can appear miniscule but soon starts taking shape. You’ll love the expanse of the Arabian Gulf and the spread out islands, as the details become clearer and clearer to you as you glide down. 

9.    Bask In The Beauty Of The Flowers 

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What spells romance more than millions of brilliantly-coloured flowers all around, creating a romantic landscape? Hold hands as you stroll down the many pathways and lawns of the Dubai Miracle Garden. It’s called a Miracle Garden with good reason. It’s a unique display of indescribably beautiful flowers around which lovely butterflies twitter. The 72,000sqm garden displays global landmarks such as the Burj Khalifa completely covered with flowers. Here you’ll find 50 million plus blooming flowers from various parts of the world. The garden is full of quirky layouts such as heart-shaped arches, pyramids and flower-covered houses and more. Don’t miss out taking a couples selfie in front of the Guinness World Record-winning Airbus A380 superjumbo aircraft made entirely from flowers. Take your honey to the Butterfly Garden that houses more than 35,000 species of butterflies in nine domes. The Dubai Miracle Garden is so fantastic, it’s well worth your tourist visa Dubai just to enjoy the blooms!


Dubai offers a number of exciting activities for couples. Want to enjoy watching the most incredible dancing fountain in the world? Head out to the Dubai dancing fountains in front of the Burj Khalifa. Make an evening out of it by sailing on the Burj Lake with your honey, watching the lovely fountains. There’s so much to do in Dubai as a couple, shouldn’t you be booking your tickets soon? 

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