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Hello there! Welcome to ‘The Tropical Moon’ website by Akash & Shreya.

We are two Software Professionals employed in a MNC doing the usual 9 to 5 jobs. On regular days we are usually sitting in a cubical box thinking, designing, coding and blabbering jargons. On few other blessed days, we are climbing mountains, kayaking along rivers, watching glorious sunsets, backpacking, relaxing by the pool or building sand castles.

We are here to show you that life is all about experiencing. You don’t have to quit your jobs or sell your belongings to explore the world. But find that perfect balance between family, work and holidays.

Our posts describe about places we have visited, itineraries to opt, budget holidays, luxury stays and more. Like you, even we are bound by limited holidays and fixed leaves. We also take regular breaks to visit our families, celebrate varied festivals, in career developments and attending functions. Amidst all these mandatory schedules, we also manage time to ‘escape’ and discover the world one trip at a time. Any place surrounded by pristine nature makes us feel home. We love traveling to offbeat locations, going on a road trip during monsoon, pampering on a healthy retreat with yoga and Ayurveda, having a family vacation or a romantic getaway.

We hope you enjoy reading our posts and be inspired to see the world for what it really is. We look forward to hearing from you.


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